Co-educational, private schooling that offers each child quality, individual attention with small classes in a peaceful and nurturing environment.

1. Educational principles

  • Small classes where each child has quality time with their teacher, receiving a focused, stimulating and exciting education
  • A broader education designed to not only expose the children to life skills, but to engender independence and lateral thinking.
  • Instill and ingrain an appreciative awareness of our sensitive ecology.
  • To develop life skills through practical hands-on and “real-life” experiences.
  • Our children will understand and respect the necessity to maintain harmony between ourselves, our environment, its natural resources and our fellow beings.
  • English medium
  • Playgroup
  • Aftercare
  • Small classes
  • Secure rural setting

2. Mission

Our mission includes: a balanced way of teaching in which academic, artistic and physical education subjects are taught in a manner that encourages integration between social and emotional development. we strive to develop an excellent relationship between pupils, teachers, parents and the community. we encourage freedom of discussion and a healthy respect for opposing points of view. we consider politeness, courtesy, honesty, respect, self-confidence and integrity to be core values, incorporated in every school activity. preparing children socially and emotionally for their future with a broader understanding and respect for society and its diversity, thus enabling them to enter adulthood with confidence and vision.

About the College

Wellington Preparatory School extended to high school from January 2018 with the opening of a Grade 8 class. We will grow one grade per year from now on.
Wellington Prep and College prides itself on:
√ Small classes in a nurturing environment
√ Integrated use of technology in education
√ Affordable independent school fees

There is a once-off registration fee of R1500 payable on offer of a position in the College. Fees for 2020 have been set at R3050 per month and there is also an iPad levy fee of R250 per month.

The number of learners per class will be restricted to 25 or less for Grade 8 and 9.
As with many Independent Schools in South Africa, we will follow the IEB (Independent Examination Board)

We will be embracing modern technology in our College by making use of iPads on a one on one basis. Each College pupil will have an iPad for their exclusive use during the school day. This will give our learners a massive advantage in their high school career and beyond. A monthly rental fee of R250 will be charged to parents for the iPads (as explained under ‘school fees’). iPads will stay at school and may not be taken home, we will also make use of textbooks and workbooks which will go home in the afternoons for completion of homework.

School hours will be Mondays 08h00 to 15h00, Tuesdays to Thursdays from 08h00 to 14h00 and Fridays from 08h00 to 13h00.

For summer sport we will be offering cricket, swimming and athletics.
For winter sport, hockey and soccer will be on offer.
Chess will be offered throughout the year.
For the first year, the Grade 8 learners will slot in with our Grade 7 learners for sport practices. We will do our utmost to arrange U14 sport matches where possible.

To start with, the High School learners will wear uniform for outings and sport
matches. In time a decision will be made as to whether or not uniform will be
compulsory day wear. The uniform is in the design phase and will be available to purchase from our clothing market by the end of this year.