Welcome to Wellington Prep and College Sports

Our students learn much more than physical skills through their participation in sports. The collaborative experience of pursuing and attaining a common goal in team and solo sports is unique, as it is combined with interscholastic competition. We are proud of our sports department and the scholars’ enthusiasm.

Through this experience, our students are able to develop courage as they take risks, strength while displaying finesse, competitive intensity while exhibiting generosity of spirit, and mental as well as physical endurance.

Mike Aubin, Principal

WPS Sports

We offer the following Summer Sports

Swimming (Grade 1 upwards)
Mini-cricket (Grades 1-3)
Cricket (Grades 4-7)
Basketball (College boys)
Athletics(Grade 1 upwards)

We offer the following Winter Sports

Soccer (Grade 1-3 boys and girls, then Grade 4 upwards for boys)
Netball (Grade 1 upwards girls)
Cross country (Grade 1 upwards)
Chess (Grade 1 upwards)

Wellington Preparatory School and College takes part in various leagues and competition as part of the sports program. We compete in the following sports and activities in our area:








Cross country